June 19, 2018

JPSF Receives 2018 Community Impact Award

2017 was filled with incredible programs, events, and fundraising initiatives that made the educational experience unforgettable for thousands of students, families, and businesses across the Jenks community.

To honor this impact, the Jenks Chamber of Commerce recently presented the Jenks Public Schools Foundation with the 2018 Community Impact Award. The award recognizes individuals and organizations that demonstrate a lasting commitment to the pursuit of progress in the Jenks community.

Despite the challenges posed by statewide school funding cuts in 2017, the JPS Foundation reaffirmed its commitment to improving quality of life in the community by providing unwavering service, investment, and leadership throughout the year. The award not only recognizes the work of the JPS Foundation, but in turn honors the support of the countless community members who are committed to the organization’s mission.

The award was presented at the Jenks Chamber of Commerce Inaugural Banquet, which was hosted by TTCU on January 18, 2018.

Jenks Public Schools Foundation Community Impact Award
Pictured left to right: Carol Huff Hicks, Public Service Company of Oklahoma & recipient of the 2017 Community Impact Award; Elizabeth Inbody, JPSF Executive Director; Josh Driskell, Jenks Chamber of Commerce

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