We believe in the students and teachers of the Jenks Public Schools district. Every aspect of what we do is driven by our belief that students and teachers are more than statistics, more than numbers on a state budget spreadsheet, and certainly more than voiceless test takers. We view it as our responsibility to provide our students and teachers with the opportunities, support, and resources they need to not only achieve excellence—but thrive during the process.

Since 1987, the Jenks Public Schools Foundation has embodied the district’s reputation for a “tradition of excellence with a vision for tomorrow” by funding programs and projects that provide the best academic experience for every student. Through Junior Achievement’s BizTown, all Jenks Public Schools fifth graders learn how a city operates through a five-week hands-on study of economics. Action Based Learning Labs link physical movement to academic performance and STEM Learning Labs bring learning to life by opening worlds of discovery that exist outside of the classroom. Vision of Excellence Awards, the Hands On Initiative, Writer’s Workshop—the list of Jenks Public Schools Foundation programs continues to grow. We continue to seek new ways to deliver on our belief that our students and educators matter—that they are valued.

As a local and independent non-profit organization, the Jenks Public Schools Foundation exists solely to serve the Jenks Public Schools system along with the hundreds of committed parents, educators, businesses, and community members that provide ongoing financial support. We are governed by a board of directors composed of parents and community partners—all of whom volunteer their time to help create a better world for the students of the Jenks Public Schools district. Through our collective efforts over the years, we have raised more than $3,000,000 for academic programs, STEM Learning Labs, teacher and staff recognition, and class size initiatives. It is a grassroots achievement that stands testament to the fact that even the smallest individual action can forever change a community.

Make Your Impact Today

Your gift matters. Every gift of every size makes a difference in the lives of the students, teachers and administrators of Jenks Public Schools.